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Journey To The Centre.

Journey To The Centre is my next project. It is both a journey to the centre of Australia, and reflects a journey to my own centre as I dig deeper into my soul. I'm working really hard practicing and reflecting music in the moment. I am keen to share some new works even if you're into arrangements, these works will be accessible to all.


In September and October I'm back at The Paris Cat with the Points in Time band. I'll be delighted to share the stage with my brother Mal for one of these gigs.
Please see gig guide for more details.

Deep listening has been an integral part of my teaching and performance philosophy for the past 8 years. Looking forward to developing this over the next couple of years. Check out a short excerpt of us in action at White Night 2016 here. Can't wait to do it again!












Group Piano Workshops - for Vocalists

A unique opportunity for vocalists to develop their confidence with the piano so they can accompany themselves or others.

Term 4.
Oct 3 - Nov 28.
Mondays 6pm at Melbourne Piano Sales.
196 Mary St, Richmond.
Bookings and inquires: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.